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YikeSite is a Website Dashboard that is dedicated to Web Professionals.

This means that, if you are someone who creates websites for a living, your life just got a whole lot easier. In addition to having easily updated websites, you can:

  • See all your websites at a glance, with the important stats about them
  • Create new websites, and choose from a number of bootstrap based templates
  • Duplicate existing websites (like when you want to upgrade a site)
  • Add users to your (reseller) account, and determine what websites they have access to, and what permissions they have
  • Create your own templates that you can choose from
  • Add notes to remind yourself of things about particular sites
  • Earn recurring revenue
  • No charge for the YikeSite Dashboard. Pay only for live sites!
  • Brand YikeSite so that it is "Your Own CMS"
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Meet a few of our resellers who have based their business on YikeSite CMS…

"YikeSite is invaluable in helping Northern Village sell easily updated websites. I am thrilled to be a part of it now."

—Arni Mikelsons, Founder
Northern Village & VillageCMS
& now CEO, YikeSoftware

"Our firm offers the YikeSite CMS as a value-add to our client projects and being able to brand it to our own agency is a nice plus too :)” 

—Jacob Beaton, Principal
CopperMoon Communications

"Creating SportiSite CMS complimented of our existing product SportiCal nicely and YikeSite made it so simple to get going.” 

—Jaden Langford, Founder
SportiCal & SportiCMS


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What others are saying...

"YikeSite is the perfect lightweight CMS." ~ Richard Davies

"It's very easy to comprehend and use, for sure." ~ Web 2.0 Show

"Gives you a lot of control over your website." ~ Killer Startups

"YikeSite Makes Debut, to Publishers' Delight" ~ CMS Wire

"YikeSite is one of the best CMS editors online" ~ Web Hosting Search