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YikeSite Website Manager coming July 15, 2015


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Yikesite Website Manager is productivity software for web professionals. It makes creating and managing websites quicker and easier.

This means that, if you are someone who has to manage many websites, your life just got a whole lot easier. In addition to having easily updated websites, you can:

  • Easily create a new site, or duplicate an existing one;
  • From simple website Dashboard manage all aspects of website creation with robust permissions, to simplify managament of the varying levels of access individual and team users have to different sites
  • Embrace “content driven websites” as a building block of website creation;
  • Selling your own CMS, for recurring revenue and increased client retention.

YikeSite is particularly useful to anyone that manages many websites such as marketing agencies, web companies, franchises but also universities, school boards, and trade associations.




Meet a few of our resellers who have based their business on YikeSite CMS…

"YikeSite is invaluable in helping Northern Village sell easily updated websites. I am thrilled to be a part of it now."

—Arni Mikelsons, Founder
Northern Village & VillageCMS
& now CEO, YikeSoftware

"Our firm offers the YikeSite CMS as a value-add to our client projects and being able to brand it to our own agency is a nice plus too :)” 

—Jacob Beaton, Principal
CopperMoon Communications

"Creating SportiSite CMS complimented of our existing product SportiCal nicely and YikeSite made it so simple to get going.” 

—Jaden Langford, Founder
SportiCal & SportiCMS


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"YikeSite is the perfect lightweight CMS." ~ Richard Davies

"It's very easy to comprehend and use, for sure." ~ Web 2.0 Show

"Gives you a lot of control over your website." ~ Killer Startups

"YikeSite Makes Debut, to Publishers' Delight" ~ CMS Wire

"YikeSite is one of the best CMS editors online" ~ Web Hosting Search