Simplifying the management of many websites.

Turning 5 minute tasks into 1 minute tasks

Its all about saving time.

YikeSite has been designed to help web professionals better manage their websites. It has been designed by web people for web people — with time saving in mind throughout. We will help you launch websites faster, manage many websites, and ultimately impress your clients.


 Launch Websites Faster

YikeSite helps web professionals create and launch websites faster. It has been designed by web people for web people — with time saving in mind throughout. Here is how you can save some time.

Start off by quickly creating a site or duplicating an existing site. Log into your sites so that you can easily edit your existing pages or add new pages with one click. At any time you can reorganize your pages with ease and add useful modules. Also, you can be comforted in the fact that the SEO basics are taken care of. And when you are done with the content, use the fast, effective theming to make your sites look just as you imagined.

Together these tools will help you create content driven websites, which will save you more time than any of the productivity enhancements we have made. The basic premise is that content is recognized as the most important part of the website, and drives the structure of it. This saves time and makes your websites so much more compelling.

Quickly create a site

Creating a website is a simple process. Click on the big, blue Create New Site button on the main Dashboard page to get started.

Choose a Tempalte

Enter in the site name, the secure internal url to be used, and a few other settings. Then select the Template Site you would like to use from YikeSite defaults, or from ones you have created yourself. Finally set up users specific to that site, and/or select members of your team that will have access to the site, and the permissions they will have. 

Now you are ready to get working on your site.

Duplicate an existing site

Duplicate Site

Duplicating a site is one of the biggest time savers if you would like to:

  • Try out a new website organization
  • Work on a theme while others are working on content
  • Upgrade a live website

It's as simple as selecting 'Duplicate' from the dropdown on the Site Details button. 

A new site will be created with all the pages, themes, and user settings from the old site. Then you can go in and change those, as you wish. 

Logging into your sites

Site Login from Dashboard

Once you have created the website and set your users, you are ready to start updating the site. Simply click on the Login button at the bottom the site details dropdown to get started. This will log you into the root of your new website. From there, you can:

  • Add new pages with one click
  • Quickly edit existing pages
  • Add functionality to pages with modules
  • Easily move pages around the site
  • Customize the theme for the site

Access to these functions are through Admin and Edit links generally at the bottom right of each page in the website (but you can put them where you want, or make them look however you'd like)

See for help on the updating of your sites.

Quickly edit pages

Add content to a given page by clicking the edit link on that page. This fires up an on-page editor that lets you do everything you need, such as adding text, images, files, embedding video or forms, etc. 

Click Save. Done.

Add pages with one click

Create a new page

Adding pages is a very simple process that quickly builds your site.

Enter the Admin interface. Navigate to where you would like a sub page. Type the page name and click Create New Page.

The pages you create will automatically appear in the navigation. This means you can create a sitemap of your new website in minutes. YikeSite will also add the heading in your content, put in the title tag, and provide hierarchical URLs — all better for your SEO.

Reorganize with ease

Move Pages with EaseYikeSite helps you reorganize your website with ease. Use the Rename, Move and Delete functions to do this. The most useful is the Move Page function.

Navigate to the page you want, click on the Admin link, and then press Move Page. That page, with any images, embedded code, files and subpages will be moved to its new location within the website. And the navigation is automatically updated. 

This seemingly simple task is one of the biggest productivity tools you will have access to. It allows the website to be your whiteboard. Once you have your content in your website, use the Move tool to find the optimal organization. The result is much stronger messaging and a clearer path to finishing the website. Plus, you get a happier customer. 

We call this a content-driven approach to creating websites.

Add useful modules

Your CMS comes with some basic modules that can be applied to any page in a site. Any users with Admin permissions can add a module to a page. 

Page Module DropdownThe ones that come with the system include:

  • Blog / News module
  • FAQ Module
  • Rotating Gallery
  • Basic Calendar

You can create your own modules, or modify the ones that come with the system to suit your taste. Alternatively, we would also be happy to create modules for you, to your specifications. 

Fast, effective theming

Themes are the way to change the look and feel of a website. It can be as simple as changing a few colors, or you can rewrite everything, if your heart desires. Usually, it's something in between.

Themes have four basic components that work together with which you can effectively implement to create custom designs for your website.

The core is one HTML template file, styled by the CSS, enhanced with javascript and extended by modules. These are all editable online, or you can export the theme as a zip and modify on your desktop. This is way easier than struggling with Wordpress or Drupal. The themes in the template sites are based on Bootstrap, so they are ready for our multi-device world. 


YikeSite Theme Editing


HTML Template is based on Liquid, a markup language that is powerful and easy to use. For more information on customizing a website, please view the Theme documentation.

SEO basics taken care of

Search Engine Optimization - SEOSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial if you want to maximize your online marketing efforts. In order to improve the volume and quality of the natural ("organic") traffic that visits your website, specific strategies and processes need to be in place.

YikeSite has many optimizing features built in, so you can be assured, these are taken care of. 

One of the best sources for learning about SEO is Google's Search Engine Optimization Guide. The main elements of how YikeSite helps your SEO, as related to Google's Guide, are as follows: 

  • Unique, Accurate Page Titles. YikeSite template sites all place the Page Name into the title tag. You can also modify this to include other information through the theme (E.g., using your tag line on the home page).
  • Description Meta Tag. Each page has an editable Description field in the Admin interface that is added to the Description meta tag. 
  • A Good URL Structure. URLs are created by using lower case words from the page title that makes them descriptive without any gibberish.
  • Easy Navigation. YikeSite gives you site map and google site map options for better indexing that allows you to create a naturally flowing hierarchy.
  • Optimized Use of Images. YikeSite will prompt you for a descriptive title for every image that is uploaded, which becomes the basis of the filename and is automatically entered into the alt-tag. 
  • Appropriate Heading Tags. Heading tags are created with the main heading (<h1>) that is automatically placed at the top of the page. For pages created from subpages, headings can be automatically placed through the theme.

Please see our SEO Support page for more detail on these and other SEO features that will help the success of your websites.


Content driven websites

YikeSite embraces content driven websites. 

With content driven websites you focus on the content as the most important aspect of the websites. YikeSite allows you to do just this. Add pages with one click. Pages then automatically appear in the menus, so as you add pages, you are buidling your site map. Easily add content to your pages, and reorganize them for optimal flow. Once you are done this, create your design to reinforce your content.

In the end, in addition to creating a site with effective flow that will keep your visitors engaged and with a design that supports your message, you will build your websites faster.

See our support site on more details abou how you can implement content driven websites.

Contact us if you want more information, or help from moving content to implementing the design. We have you covered.

 Manage Many Websites

YikeSite is designed to simplify the management of many websites.

It starts with a website dashboard that gives you an overview of all your websites. To find out more about a particular site, drill down into the Site Details. This is also where you can manage your users.

Site implementation is also simple. Our themes are based on the Liquid templating language, which is both simple and powerful. We provides a collection of Template Sites to get you going. YikeSite is a Software as a Service offering, so we will take care of all of your hosting and upgrades, and you can concentrate on building websites.

Get your own website dashboard! Request your dashboard and 20 minute demo.

And if you need some help, we have you covered.

Website dashboard

Get to the information you want

When it comes to managing many websites, your life just got a whole lot easier with the YikeSite Website Dashboard.

The YikeSite Website Dashboard provides a listing of all your websites where you can:

  • Visit the site for editing by clicking on the URL.
  • Review the sites basic information, including any notes you have added
  • Recall if a site is published (green) or not (blue) simply by looking at the ‘Site Details’ button colour
  • Find additional details about the site including the default editor, and the users that have access to the site by clicking ‘Site Details’.
  • Narrow down the sites you want to view by using the full-text search function. You can also filter by plan or by published/unpublished.

What this means is that you can easily grow your business and stay on top of your website hosting.

Yikesite Website Dashboard

At the bottom of the Dashboard is a 'Create New Site' button, to quickly get another site going.

Site details

Site Details Dropdown The  "Site Details" button provides a number of quick functions that can be performed directly from the dashboard. These are:

  • Duplicate a Site. Particularly useful for website upgrades
  • Publish / Unpublish a Site. Make a site go live with its own URL
  • Settings. Edit Settings for a website, including setting the default editor, setting whether sites are searchable (robots.txt), making the site private, choosing the plan, setting a Site Name or Tagline, setting the URL or making notes about the website
  • Log into the site to start editing

Manage your users

If you are managing a good number of sites, chances are you also managing multiple people that are working on your sites -- from writers, designers, marketers and implementers who all will need access to different sites at different levels. Your clients will have staff that need different access based on their level of responsibility.

Recognizing this, there are two types of YikeSite User Accounts -- Site Users and Account Users. 

"Site" Users

Site Users belong to an individual client account. They have rights and privileges specific to that site. The permissions are flexible so you can give different permissions to different people. These permissions are:

  • View only
  • Edit pages
  • Administer the site, including add, move and delete pages
  • Manage users
  • Update site settings, and
  • Update site theme

Permissions can be granted from within the customer's site, or from the Dashboard.

"Account" Users

Account Users are users who you choose to have as part of your team. You can have as many account users as you'd like for no additional charge. Plus, you have control over what permissions they have. For instance, an Accounts User can have View only access on one site, and full permissions on another. You can also set at what level they can help you manage sites -- whether they can create site, destroy sites, and/or manage account billing.

Simple, effective website implementation

Effective website implementation is at the heart of Yikesite. Like the rest of the CMS, it's built around simplicity. At it's most basic, it is an HTML Template and a CSS file. Add javascript and modules if you want.

  • The HTML Template is based on Liquid templating language. See our YikeSite Theme Documentation to guide you through.
  • We have chosen the popular Bootstrap as the HTML, CSS and javascript framework for our Template Sites as it is a good base for responsive, mobile first websites. 
  • Edit HTML template, CSS, javascript and modules online, or download to work on your desktop.
  • Everything is built to make the end job of editing the website as easy as can be.

There are a variety of ways to bulk up your websites through YikeSite.

  • Add SAAS integrations to pages or templates (as in forms, analytics, newsletter signups, etc.)
  • Turn any page with subpages into an RSS feed
  • Extend your websites with two type of modules. Page modules allow end users to extend a page (e.g., blogs, faqs, calendars, etc) and theme modules are there to make coding more modular (e.g., menu bars, breadcrumbs, custom footers.) To add either of these modules, visit the Add useful modules page, or take a look at our support documentation for how to create your own.

Hosted solution with a twist

The whole of the CMS is available through a web browser. Everything from editing, to adding, deleting and moving pages, changing the layout, editing the CSS and javascript. We take care of your hosting, and the upgrades, so you don't need to worry about that and there is no IT department needed.

One additional feature is that you can use Your CMS as your staging server and publish via SCP to an external server with 1-click. Or optionally download a .zip file of your site's HTML. Links to the exported sites are relative, so they can be placed anywhere in a larger website.


Template sites

YikeSite comes standard with a number of Template Sites that you can use to get started.

Our Template Sites have two basic components. First, there are the site pages. Create any number of pages you want, with whatever content and page modules you want to have within them.

The second component is the Theme. The Theme is the collection of HTML, CSS, Javascript and Modules that control the look and feel of the website. Our Template Sites utilize the popular Bootstrap framework, so that the website are responsive, and there are plenty of resources available if you want to customize it.

When you are creating a new site, choose the Template Site that best suits your new client. All the pages and the theme from that site will get copied over to your new site.

Feel free to create your own Template Sites for your clientele or send us a suggestion for what you would like to see available.

 Impress Your Clients

Do you want to impress your clients? Let's go with "yes." And YikeSite can help. Of course, we can help you create and launch websites faster, but we do more to help you impress your clients. Here are a few things for your consideration:

  • Clients love that they can update their own websites
  • Being able to implement any design is reassuring
  • Your brand stays with them as they maintain their sites on your CMS.

And best of all, a good demo goes a long way to having the client understand that their needs wil be taken care of. That is impressive.

Clients update their own websites

Allowing clients to update their own website is a key element to good website management. As a website manager, you want to help guide your clients, and be available for more complex, higher value tasks than simply updating a website.

A few of the highlights are as follows:

  1. Editing YikeSite HomepageSimple Editing. Edit links are available on each page. Browse to any page on your website and click the edit link to activate the editing controls for that page. This workflow is something that your customers will understand right away and they will appreciate the power you have just provided them.
    • Click the Edit button to start your edits on the page you want
    • Do your edits inline (see image)
    • Save
    • Done. 
    Look like a hero in your client's eyes.
  2. Easy Website Admin. Creating, renaming, moving & deleting pages is simple and quick. When you move a page, any sub-pages, images or files associated with that page will move with it and any existing links to the old page URL will get redirected so any external links won't be broken. The menu system and the site map are updated as you go.
  3. Add (Custom) Modules to any page. Your clients can choose from a set of modules to select the purpose of any page in your website. Any page can be turned into a blog, an FAQ, have a rotating slide show, have a site map, etc. You can customize these modules or create your own. Read more on useful modules.
  4. Files Are Organized Automatically. When adding a file to a page, give your file a title and hit upload. Uploaded files are automatically organized by the page you uploaded it to. No more worrying about folders or even filenames. We create a clean filename for you based off of the title you provide that is web-friendly. If you move a page, the attached files go with it, simple as that.

Of course, seeing as it's this easy for your clients to update their website, it's just as easy for you and your staff to do too. 


Implement any design

With YikeSite, you can take any design at all and implement it as a theme in your dashboard for any number of your websites. That means, when your client sends you a link to a design they love, you don’t have to break their heart by saying you can’t replicate or alter it for them. There is a single HTML template file based on the liquid templating language. With this template file as the overall design of the website, you can enhance and tailor the design with modules to include blogs, FAQs, etc, that can change parts of the website.

For theme ideas when starting your website, you can look through the convenient YikeSite starter templates to determine the bones of your website (e.g., where the navigation bar is, how simple or complex the banner is, how you want to side bar to function, etc.). Then, you just add color!

If none of this makes sense to you, give us a call and we will help you implement anything your client asks for.

SEO is taken care of

Your client asks "So, will I be on the top page of Google?"

Simple question, and not such a simple answer. There is a lot that goes into being number 1 on Google's search list, much of it is outsite of the website itself, like how many links are pointing to it, or how much traffic there is, etc. But there is a lot that can be done on the website too, and YikeSite has taken care of the things that are in our control. See an overview of YikeSite SEO, or visit our support pages for a detailed look at what we do, and steps your or your client can take to improve your rankings.

So, you can tell your clients that the technical part of SEO is taken care of and you can find comfort knowing we have a guide to get you better rankings.


Your own CMS

We at YikeSite believe that you should be able to customize the CMS experience for your clients. In this way you carry your relationship on with your customer using your own custom CMS. Your customers log in and see your branding as a constant reminder of the good service you are providing to them. 

YikeSite customization is more than just a logo in the CMS. You also have:

  • Out of the box basic modules which you can modify, or you can create your own custom ones
  • Standard templates ready for your use
  • Custom starter templates for your customers tailored to the way you do business
  • Secure editing on your own secure URL, ie. <client-website-name>.<your-cms-name>.com. or use the default *"

Seal it with a good demo

When meeting with a potential client, a good demo goes a long way to having the client understand that their needs wil be taken care of. 

One of the best strageties is to have them watch you create a website because it takes less than a minute to get a site going.

Simply log into your Dashboard and click on the big blue Create New Site button. From there:

  • Enter the name of their website
  • Choose your Secure Editing URL, based on the name of the site
  • Select your Starter Template (Basic Site often works well)
  • Click Create Site

Now, enter your clients username and password, and start showing off your easy-to-use CMS. You can show them how to edit the home page, create a couple of pages, or add a modules if you have time.

Your clients will say "Even I can do this", which is exactly what you want to hear.

Get your own website dashboard!

Request your dashboard and 20 minute demo.