With YikeSite, you can take any design at all and implement it as a theme in your dashboard for any number of your websites. That means, when your client sends you a link to a design they love, you don’t have to break their heart by saying you can’t replicate or alter it for them. There is a single HTML template file based on the liquid templating language. With this template file as the overall design of the website, you can enhance and tailor the design with modules to include blogs, FAQs, etc, that can change parts of the website.

For theme ideas when starting your website, you can look through the convenient YikeSite starter templates to determine the bones of your website (e.g., where the navigation bar is, how simple or complex the banner is, how you want to side bar to function, etc.). Then, you just add color!

If none of this makes sense to you, give us a call and we will help you implement anything your client asks for.

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