Launch Websites Faster

YikeSite helps web professionals create and launch websites faster. It has been designed by web people for web people — with time saving in mind throughout. Here is how you can save some time.

Start off by quickly creating a site or duplicating an existing site. Log into your sites so that you can easily edit your existing pages or add new pages with one click. At any time you can reorganize your pages with ease and add useful modules. Also, you can be comforted in the fact that the SEO basics are taken care of. And when you are done with the content, use the fast, effective theming to make your sites look just as you imagined.

Together these tools will help you create content driven websites, which will save you more time than any of the productivity enhancements we have made. The basic premise is that content is recognized as the most important part of the website, and drives the structure of it. This saves time and makes your websites so much more compelling.

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