Search Engine Optimization - SEOSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial if you want to maximize your online marketing efforts. In order to improve the volume and quality of the natural ("organic") traffic that visits your website, specific strategies and processes need to be in place.

YikeSite has many optimizing features built in, so you can be assured, these are taken care of. 

One of the best sources for learning about SEO is Google's Search Engine Optimization Guide. The main elements of how YikeSite helps your SEO, as related to Google's Guide, are as follows: 

  • Unique, Accurate Page Titles. YikeSite template sites all place the Page Name into the title tag. You can also modify this to include other information through the theme (E.g., using your tag line on the home page).
  • Description Meta Tag. Each page has an editable Description field in the Admin interface that is added to the Description meta tag. 
  • A Good URL Structure. URLs are created by using lower case words from the page title that makes them descriptive without any gibberish.
  • Easy Navigation. YikeSite gives you site map and google site map options for better indexing that allows you to create a naturally flowing hierarchy.
  • Optimized Use of Images. YikeSite will prompt you for a descriptive title for every image that is uploaded, which becomes the basis of the filename and is automatically entered into the alt-tag. 
  • Appropriate Heading Tags. Heading tags are created with the main heading (<h1>) that is automatically placed at the top of the page. For pages created from subpages, headings can be automatically placed through the theme.

Please see our SEO Support page for more detail on these and other SEO features that will help the success of your websites.


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