If you are managing a good number of sites, chances are you also managing multiple people that are working on your sites -- from writers, designers, marketers and implementers who all will need access to different sites at different levels. Your clients will have staff that need different access based on their level of responsibility.

Recognizing this, there are two types of YikeSite User Accounts -- Site Users and Account Users. 

"Site" Users

Site Users belong to an individual client account. They have rights and privileges specific to that site. The permissions are flexible so you can give different permissions to different people. These permissions are:

  • View only
  • Edit pages
  • Administer the site, including add, move and delete pages
  • Manage users
  • Update site settings, and
  • Update site theme

Permissions can be granted from within the customer's site, or from the Dashboard.

"Account" Users

Account Users are users who you choose to have as part of your team. You can have as many account users as you'd like for no additional charge. Plus, you have control over what permissions they have. For instance, an Accounts User can have View only access on one site, and full permissions on another. You can also set at what level they can help you manage sites -- whether they can create site, destroy sites, and/or manage account billing.

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