Effective website implementation is at the heart of Yikesite. Like the rest of the CMS, it's built around simplicity. At it's most basic, it is an HTML Template and a CSS file. Add javascript and modules if you want.

  • The HTML Template is based on Liquid templating language. See our YikeSite Theme Documentation to guide you through.
  • We have chosen the popular Bootstrap as the HTML, CSS and javascript framework for our Template Sites as it is a good base for responsive, mobile first websites. 
  • Edit HTML template, CSS, javascript and modules online, or download to work on your desktop.
  • Everything is built to make the end job of editing the website as easy as can be.

There are a variety of ways to bulk up your websites through YikeSite.

  • Add SAAS integrations to pages or templates (as in forms, analytics, newsletter signups, etc.)
  • Turn any page with subpages into an RSS feed
  • Extend your websites with two type of modules. Page modules allow end users to extend a page (e.g., blogs, faqs, calendars, etc) and theme modules are there to make coding more modular (e.g., menu bars, breadcrumbs, custom footers.) To add either of these modules, visit the Add useful modules page, or take a look at our support documentation for how to create your own.

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