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When it comes to managing many websites, your life just got a whole lot easier with the YikeSite Website Dashboard.

The YikeSite Website Dashboard provides a listing of all your websites where you can:

  • Visit the site for editing by clicking on the URL.
  • Review the sites basic information, including any notes you have added
  • Recall if a site is published (green) or not (blue) simply by looking at the ‘Site Details’ button colour
  • Find additional details about the site including the default editor, and the users that have access to the site by clicking ‘Site Details’.
  • Narrow down the sites you want to view by using the full-text search function. You can also filter by plan or by published/unpublished.

What this means is that you can easily grow your business and stay on top of your website hosting.

Yikesite Website Dashboard

At the bottom of the Dashboard is a 'Create New Site' button, to quickly get another site going.

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