Simplifying the management of many websites.

Turning 5 minute tasks into 1 minute tasks


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Launch Websites Faster

YikeSite gives you the tools to create & launch sites faster than ever. Start with template sites that we provide or build your own repertoire of templates that fit your specific needs & workflow. Build out your site structure and load content quickly with our simple hosted CMS.

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Manage Many Websites

All your websites together in one dashboard that lets you get in and out of any site with a click. Manage 5 sites or hundreds of sites with ease. No more managing different servers and hosting installs. We manage all the IT infrastructure and software upgrades so you don't have to.

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Impress Your Clients

Our goal is to make you look good in front of your clients. Create a site during a potential client pitch right in front of their eyes and demo the simple CMS capabilities that will make them say: "even I can do that". Brand the CMS as your own and bundle it along with your services.

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Get your own website dashboard!

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Open Letter to Web Professionals

Are you frustrated with the management of many websites? Do you wish that all those backend things would be easier, so you could focus on actually creating websites? Or are you waiting for your tech people, who are constantly busy. We present you with YikeSite -- a simple, effective way of managing many websites.

We know that we can help you: launch websites faster, manage multiple websites and impress your clients.

We feel that the best websites are ones made by web professionals, so we want to give you the tools to do your job well, and save you lots of time in the process.At the heart of it, we are web professionals ourselves, and have used our own businesses to create a product that makes life easier for ourselves. And we truly believe that it will do the same for you.

We hope that you try it and like it. And let us know what you think. We want to hear from you.

The YikeSite Team

Need some help? We have you covered.

An end-user manual for your customers.

We've provided unbranded end-user help documentation that you can give to your clients. The documentation helps your clients get their work done easier while at the same time reducing the time you spend doing support to your clients. Whenever the CMS changes or gets new features, we keep help docs up to date.

Well-documented features, how-tos and theme API docs.

Documentation is broken down into three main parts:

  • Dashboard documentation for detailed overview of the management of many website.
  • Theme API reference that demonstrates a simple and powerful way to code your themes.
  • Additional resources including sample modules you can add to your site, coding your own template sites and optimizing your SEO.

Solid services and support to get you up and running quickly.

We also introduce the one concept, which we feel creates faster websites than anything else — content driven websites, and how YikeSite will help you create websites that let content be the guide for creating faster websites.

As always, if you can’t find what you are looking for, contact us. Like we said, we have you covered.