Announcing the YikeSite Website Dashboard

July 12, 2015

GUELPH, ON - YikeSoftware Inc. is proud to introduce the YikeSite Dashboard: Web management software designed for the productive web professional. The Dashboard has the power to let you manage 100s of websites and the elegance to let you do it with astonishing ease.

Start off on the right foot

Creating a website for a new client can be tricky business. You want to take the time to get it right, but you don’t want to make your client wait to see results. The YikeSite Dashboard lets you create a website with the click of a button. This means you can show your clients results, from the onset of your relationship.

Get it done fast. Get it done right.

YikeSite allows you to choose from several responsive bootstrap based templates or upload your own. Simply choose a theme and you can start editing your brand new site’s content in the editing mode of your choice. Dashboard’s interface also makes creating, deleting, renaming, and moving pages a cinch.

Simplifying the management of many websites

Managing a single website is one thing. But things can quickly spiral out of control as your business grows. When you find yourself managing ten, twenty, one hundred websites your time can disappear in a sea of site content, usernames, passwords, and anything else your clients might ask for. YikeSite takes the hassle out of managing multiple websites by providing you with a unified dashboard for taking care of every last one of them. Imagine viewing and editing all your clients’ sites from one place, with one master login. Easily publish websites, unpublish websites, and everything in between, with one, clean interface.

Looking to revamp a client’s old website into something newer?

Simple. Use the easy duplication feature to copy any website entirely and start the overhaul offline before the public sees it. With edit links available on each page, and in-place editing, rapidly building and rebuilding any website is simple.

Want to outsource some web design or content creation?

You can give site permissions to whomever you choose for assistance with your website. And give them the permissions you feel comforable giving them.

Don’t know anyone who can help? We can! YikeSite will always be there for web professionals who need support with custom design, development, or business consulting.

You’re in good hands

YikeSite’s founders, Jeff Ward and Arni Mikelsons, have a long history in software and web development. Over the course of their careers in the business, Jeff and Arni have discovered all the hoops a web designer has to jump through just to just to get their job done day-to-day. This hands-on knowledge of the industry and its difficulties led the business partners to develop

YikeSoftware: A company dedicated to creating elegant solutions for web designers. The YikeSite system is a completely brandable, hosted CMS that ensures a steady stream of recurring revenue for your business. And we’re confident you’re going to love it.

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Get your own website dashboard!

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