Web Professionals Should Own Their Own Clients

October 25, 2015

GUELPH, ON - Maintaining multiple websites for your client can be tricky. You want to allow your clients to easily update web content but you can't afford to waste time and money developing a new CMS. So, you end up handing your client a CMS with some other company’s name on it. Taking your customers’ money and handing them someone else’s free product is the quickest way to make your customers ask themselves, “What am I paying you for?”

Your Brand, Your CMS

Your clients paid you to run their website. So why is the CMS's brand everywhere when they edit content? Don’t be the middle man. Be the web professional your clients paid for.

We Make You Look Good

YikeSite provides you with a CMS that has your brand’s name on it. We give you the tools you need to give your clients a functional, elegant CMS. And the best part is: You get to take all the credit for it. Build your brand and let your customer know you are in charge of the job they paid you to do.

Keep the Good Times Rolling

Don’t just drop your clients off and leave them. When your clients use your new CMS everyday, they know you are there to provide them continuous support. Keep your clients’ trust in your company and earn a continuous revenue stream without worrying about hosting.

Best of all: When a client’s friend asks for a recommendation, your client will look at their CMS and tell them, “Your CMS”. That is how YikeSite helps you own your own clients.


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