YikeSite Website Management Dashboard Launched

August 27, 2015

GUELPH, ON, August 27th, 2015 — YikeSoftware Inc. has launched the YikeSite Website Dashboard, allowing website professionals to maintain hundreds of websites easily, and in one place.

Co-founders Arni Mikelsons and Jeff Ward have expanded their content management system (CMS), YikeSite, to include a website dashboard that allows customers to launch and manage multiple websites faster and more efficiently then ever before.

“Website creation is a very time consuming process for web professionals — from planning your site structure, implementing design, loading content, launching and maintaining the site. We have focused on adding time-saving features every step of the way. The result is the new YikeSite.” said Mikelsons.

Website managers can create a new website in seconds using pre-defined templates, allowing clients to review results immediately. Existing websites can also be duplicated, content and all, with a single click. The website dashboard increases production efficiency, allowing for a streamlined website maintenance workflow. YikeSite dashboard users can update site-specific permissions, gather usage statistics, and can log in and out of all sites with one master login.

YikeSite is an integral tool for all organizations that create and manage many websites. Users can tailor sites to any organization in terms of brand, functionality, and content using the customizable and responsive template sites.

“We’ve discovered all the hoops a web professional has to jump through just to get their job done day-to-day,” says Ward. “This hands-on knowledge of the industry and its difficulties led to our partnership, and to the creation of YikeSite.”

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